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Jason Villegas / Hunter Gatherer - Opening Reception @ Receiver SF

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Receiver Presents New Works by Brooklyn Artist Jason Villegas

Hunter Gatherer
new work by Jason Villegas
November 8- 28, 2008

Opening Reception
Saturday November 8, 2008

Brooklyn based artist, Jason Villegas, showcases his new works at Receiver Gallery. Plush fabric sculptures, wall paintings, installations and video work reflect the common theme of consumption of products, sex, death and information.

Villegas' work is an unpolished and coarsely made tribute to global capitalism and progress. Using and consuming whatever acquirable materials are available to him, Villegas deconstructs and reconstructs clothing and knock of fashion products to create tanks, weaponry, orifices, and animals. He works primarily in low-tech materials in order to maximize the invasion into a space. Cardboard, fabric, found objects, and detritus formulate site-specific configurations of these elements and images. Although unavoidable narratives arise from the use of characters and sales parody, it is not the artist's intention to provide linear information. Villegas intends the viewer to become consumed within the relentless devouring, multiplying and destructive nature of paint splatters, immediate drawing, cosmic beast wall paintings, amorphous sculpture, and impoverished landscapes.

The artist will be in attendance and refreshments will be served.