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Pan Stage Summer 2014 Shanghai; Residence at Pantocrator Gallery

  • Deadline:
    May 25, 2014, 9 p.m.
  • Location:
    Pantocrator Gallery, M50. Moghanshan Rd. Bld. 4B 105. 200060, Shanghai, Shanghai, 200060, CN

[text=center]Pan Stage Summer 2014

Residence at the gallery

During the 8-week along 2014 (July and August), five selected artists working in the area of Pantocrator Project Space in Shanghai.
These artists will exhibit and create new work in the gallery as their studio. The gallery is open to the public to interact with artists and see work in progress. Curators of prestige in Shanghai will visit the gallery to review artists work and advise them at the end of the residence.

APPLY HERE: http://pantocratorgallery.com/summershanghai.html

start: july 1th

end: august 31 th

DEADLINE for apply : May 25th 2014

During July and August, five resident artists will work together within Project Space Pantocrator room, which becomes an open spaces studio.
Artists can work in any medium they desire, from painting, collage, video, digital art or sculpture to the transformation of their study in an installation or operation of the area.
The gallery is open at its usual time for artists to get a greater exposure of their work and interaction with the public.
Pantocrator Project Space will provide postcards, press releases, a page on the Pantocrator Project website, a group exhibition at the end of the residency and a list of photos guide
The residency program includes:

- workshop at the Gallery.
- Final Exhibition (the last week of the program).
- Email invitation to our mailing list.
- Design and printing of invitation cards
- Press-release and promotion
- help with the design, installation and set-up.
- Opening reception.
- Details of your exhibition on our website and permanent promotion.
- Artist name on the gallery window.
- Professional staff in the gallery for the exibition period.
- Pricing advice and sales support.

The accommodation is not included.
Recommendation for accommodation for the artists coming from outside of Shanghai will be provided if requested.

Total price for one month in the “Summer Pan Stage” 2014: 600€ per artist.
Following admission, the artist must make an initial payment of 500€ to ensure his place.
Payment will be transfer in the european account of Pantocrator Gallery in € and must be paid no later than two months before the date given for star the residence.
The second payment of 100€ will be made upon arrival at the gallery in chinese cash (RMB).
Once executed the second payment and signed the contract that specifies the conditions of space use, will be given the key door space and the internet code for the artist makes use of the space at any time.

Artists can manage the scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries during the application period.
Pantocrator Gallery will provide the necessary documentation to the selected applicant that so requires.

About M50 art district:

Shanghai's Pantocrator Art Gallery is located in the heart of the
premier location for Shanghai's modern art movement, most known as Moganshan Art district or The M50 Soho Suzhou Creek, in which are concentrated over a hundred local and international galleries, studios of local artists and design agencies.

Thereby we situate the artist and his works in a privileged place to be projected.

The resident artist will share their experiences on the international contemporary art scene in China.

APPLY HERE: http://pantocratorgallery.com/summershanghai.html