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ART TECH MEDIA is a non-profit international cultural organization among whose end they are found the creation, organization, promotion of different events for the development of the Arts and the Digital Culture, to the object to to fortify the alliance among Art, Science, Technology, Innovation and the Society for the cross debate, the reflection and the elaboration of proposals and contents by means of software of open code, that Impact positively in the creation of the Knowledge Society.

Founders and directors: Montse Arbelo y Joseba Franco

International Forum ART TECH MEDIA - Córdoba 0.8. Spain


ART TECH MEDIA International Forum - Cordoba 0.8

Cordoba will be the venue for the forum for art, creativity, and innovation with the participation of institutions and all sectors related to art and new media, innovation, technology and digital culture, both nationally and internationally.

The main objective of the call for an International Forum is to debate and articulate proposals and their content and to develop a blueprint for Experimental Centres for artistic and creative production, as well as the Strategic Plan for the Development of Arts and Digital Culture, leading to New platforms and contents for art, the construction of the Society of knowledge and the participation of citizens in cultural politics.

The talks and debates will aim to design structures and objectives. At the same time there will be presentations and debates on proposals that showcase the most innovative ideas and creations on the international stage.

The Forum will link up participants and collaborators with institutions and technology, art and social organisations throughout the world through the ART TECH MEDIA platform. It will facilitate efficient, reliable partner searches and collaborations among all sectors.

The objectives of the International Forum include: offer the key elements that will allow us to become part of the future that has become our present and to confront the 21st century with all its technological changes and uncertainties.

Speakers :: Paul Brown. Director Computer Art Society. Australia - London :: Alex Adriaansens. Director V2. Rotterdam:: Emma Quinn. Director Live & Media Arts, Institute of Contemporary Arts. London: Johann Holland. Institute of Research and Innovation. Centre Pompidou. Paris ::Michele Emmer. La Sapienza Roma and Leonardo, ISAST. San Francisco. EEUU :: Angela Martínez. Director Departament of Audiovisuals and Multimedia CCCB :: Antonio Franco. Director MEIAC :: Menene Gras, Director Exhibitions and Cultura. Casa Asia :: Paloma Rupérez. Director Fundación EFE :: Representation of CENATIC :: Represenation of FECYT ::Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco, Directores ART TECH MEDIA…

At the same time, to develop proposals that will allow us to establish structures for an effective and stable collaboration between collaborating institutions and others at a national and international level.

Screen Program: Videoarte / Net-art / 2D & 3D Computer Animation / Blog / videoblog / Creación para plataformas móviles / Música Digital / Videodanza / Comunidades Digitales / Geospatial storytelling / Artificial Life, Software art / Arte Transgénico/ Generative art / at differents space ofthe city of Córdoba: Palacio de Orive, Vimcorsa, Filmoteca de Andalucía…

Sponsors International FORUM ART TECH MEDIA CORDOBA 0.8: Ministerio de Cultura, Junta de Andalucía, Cultura Ayuntamiento de Córdoba, Consorcio Turismo Córdoba, Córdoba 2016 Capital Cultural Europea, Diputación de Córdoba, Vimcorsa…

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Activities of ART TECH MEDIA:

::::The First International Congress ART TECH MEDIA, 2007

Headquaters: Ministerio de Cultura, Instituto Cervantes and Casa de América (Madrid)

Collaborating: Ministerio de Cultura, Instituto Cervantes, Casa de América, Seacex; AECI; Casa Asia; Dirección General para el Desarrollo de Sociedad de la Información del Ministerio de Industria; Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología [FECYT], Ministerio de Educación; Dirección General de Innovación Tecnológica, Comunidad de Madrid; Canarias Crea, Gobierno de Canarias; Dirección General de Museos de la Consejería de Cultura, Junta de Andalucía; Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, Milla Digital; LG; Universidad Europea de Madrid [UEM].

Participation: TESLA Berlín \_Trasmediale, Berlin - V2. Rotterdam - MAXXI. Roma - Ars Electronica. Linz - CIANT. Praga - Art Council. U.K. - Rhizome.org. New Museum New York - PAN, Nápoles - UCLA Design, Los Angeles | Media Arts MIT, Massacchussets - MADC Costa Rica - CENART Mexico - Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires - Centro Cultural San Martín, Buenos Aires - ATA, Alta Tecnología Andina, Perú - Bienal de vídeo y Nuevos Medios Chile - Universidad de Chile - Museo Rufino Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo. Mexico - Chelsea Art Museum, New York; Laboratorio de Arte e Tecnologia da Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil ; The Art Institute of Chicago, EEUU; Hangar, Barcelona; Fundación OI, Río de Janeiro; Museo Artes Visuales de Uruguay; MediaLab Prado, Madrid;, technologic Companies, university , artists, artists´s asociations … and participants at Art Tech Media 06.

Encounters ART TECH MEDIA 06 debates art and nwe technologies at:

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía | Museo de A. C. Unión Fenosa | Presidencia Gobierno de Canarias | DA2 Salamanca | Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo. Artium | BilbaoArte | Centro Párraga | Museu A. C. y M. Es Baluard | Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona, CCCB.