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Noah Loesberg & Kelli Miller @ vertexlist,

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    New York

Noah Loesberg& Kelli Miller, October 25th to November 23, 2008.

VertexList has the pleasure to present Noah Loesberg: "Infrastructure" and Kelli Miller: "Believer"

A reception will take place on, Saturday, October 25th 2008 from 7pm - 10pm. The exhibition will be on display until Sunday, November 23, 2008.

Noah Loesberg presents Infrastructure, a suite of familiar and recognizable yet overlooked objects from domestic and urban environments. From an enlarged plaster copy of a storm drain to stacks of sewer pipe fabricated with cardboard to a giant smoke detector he weaves a narrative and allegory of the banal and sublime and impending disaster, catastrophe, and entropy.

In Believer, Kelli Miller presents a range of work from renderings of computer and electronic equipment circuit boards, to a ten-minute video parody of self-help infomercials. Her work mocks the false promise of technology and utopian ideals and subverts the logic and rhetoric of motivational philosophies and undermines the relentless positivity of advertising media.

VertexList gallery hours are Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1pm - 6 pm, or by appointment.
We are located between Graham and Manhattan Avenues on Bayard St. For more info
please visit our website www.vertexlist.net or call 646 258 3792.