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  • Deadline:
    Feb. 1, 2014, midnight
  • Location:
    4URA GALLERY, http://4ura.info,

[text=center]4URA GALLERY (http://4ura.info) is looking for audio!

As part of our second show, 4URA is compiling a mixtape to stream/download. Part of the goal of the mixtape is bridge the gap between different types of audio makers [sound artists, beat smiths, dj's, ect!] –> we're all making sound, let's do it together! Submissions can be previous works or newly realized pieces for the show. All the works will be compiled onto both a bandcamp [for free download] with individual tracks and a soundcloud [also for free download] with a single dj-style mix.

Artists selected from the open call will be asked to also participate in the second half of the show involving music video curation. The 3D digital gallery will be transformed into a multi-room nightclub, each room dedicated to a music video chosen by all the participating artists! Visitors will be able to navigate the space, going from room to room experience new each artist's choice. The music video can be anything the artist's wants. From something straight off of Vevo's top 50 to a music video the artist themselves made - anything goes!

Please email submissions to: 4uragallery@gmail.com

Emails should include:

- a link to a high(ish) quality version of the track(s). Soundcloud/bandcamp/ect is fine (a full quality version will be needed later though)

- how you want the track to be written up (mainly title + musician name + anything else you feel strongly about)

- a link to the music video selection (highest quality possible)

- a short blurb about your choice (feel free to write something longer if you wish)

Deadline is February 1st! Questions? Feel free to inquire @ 4uragallery@gmail.com[/text]