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Solvent Space is pleased to present No words here. Art Karaoke duo Joel Armour and Shannon Ross are hosting a special Art Karaoke event on Friday October 17th at 9 pm.

The special event begins with a screening of John Bock's Palms at 8 pm, followed by the Art Karaoke styling of Joel Armour and Shannon Ross at 9.

For the past four years, the duo has hosted karaoke at places spanning local bars, private parties, and art venues. These self-proclaimed karaoke mavericks bring the tradition of American-style karaoke with a Cincinnati flair to Solvent Space’s back door. Although Armor typically harbors himself behind the equipment, on occasion he makes his way onto the stage. And be prepared when Ross breaks from hosting to belt out a song or two. They kindly ask you to join them in No more words.

Additionally, screenings for John Bock's Palms begin Saturday September 27th from 1-3. and will continue on Tuesdays 1-3, Thursday 5-7, Saturdays 1-3. The one hour film begins half an hour after gallery doors open. On View through November 8th.

Solvent Space is an exhibition space located in the Plant Zero arts complex at 0 East 4th Street, between Hull and Fourth Streets, Richmond, Virginia. Solvent Space is a project of the School of the Arts and the Department of Painting and Printmaking, Virginia Commonwealth University in cooperation with Plant Zero. For more information please contact Belinda Haikes at 267-262-1619, or haikesb@vcu.edu.