Drawing the Third Dimension (PAID WORKSHOP)

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 7, 2013, 10 a.m.
  • Location:
    Frants Gallery, 81 Wooster Street, 4th Floor, New York, New York, US

This is a paid workshop. Cost is $100. A non-refundable deposit of $25.00 is required to secure a space in the class. Limited to 15 places. Pay via Paypal only.

Send $25.00 Paypal payment to ellen@volumetric.co

In this beginner's workshop, we will explore "Max/MSP Jitter"'s OpenGL framework as a tool for 3D video production. We will also use Blender (a free and open source 3D modelling software) to create our own basic object models to import and work with in Jitter. Participants will leave the workshop with a trove of reusable code and resources to begin writing their own 3D Video software or Playable Visual Environments.

Using a series of pre-made examples and code we will discuss the following practices in Jitter and Blender.

Creating Real-Life Spatial Attributes for 3D Environments - Physics/Light/Texture/Material
Importing Your Own Pre-Existing Media to the World Space - Sound/Video/Still Image
Importing Object Models from Popular 3D Animation Software to the World Space- Blender/Maya/Autocad/
Manipulating Models and Media in Realtime - Spin/Move/Warp/Destroy
We will also be touching on Some Video Mixing and other Visual Effects

The workshop will be heavier on the Jitter Software.

Participants should bring their own Mac laptops (OSX Snow Leopard or later) with both softwares already installed. Interested Windows users should message before signing up. It is also highly recommended that you bring a mouse with a scroll wheel.

A free 30-day trial of Max/MSP Jitter is available here http://cycling74.com/downloads/ – (otherwise it is $250 for an educational discount and $399 for a normal license). A full version of Blender is available here for free (http://blender.org).

Taught by Tommy Martinez