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OBAMApPING prototype

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"OBAMApPING" for Virtual Residency Project is launched.


This is dynamic geo-mapping of IP-geolocation – Place where image of "Obama" actually exists – based on the Yahoo image search result. The words "Barack", "Obama", and Japanese Hiragana "Obama" is used for this retrieval. 150 images are displayed now.


Tracks have expanded toward each image from Honolulu that is the birth ground of Obama. This map makes "Worldwide extention of the impact of Obama" visible. And, it changes every day.


Naturally, there are a lot of images that exist in the United States. However, a lot of images exist also in Europe, Japan, and the southern hemisphere. When the image is clicked, an original website is displayed.


The map published in here now is static contents. In the exhibition with Location One, dynamic map will be exhibited. Moreover, I will produce the map of Macan and other candidates for exhibition. My work are this "OBAMApPING" and "Obamabot vs McCainbot in Metaverse".

OBAMApPING (prototype)

Location One: Virtual Residency Project

Hidenori Watanave

* Produce + direction: Hidenori Watanave
* Programming: Shingo Noguchi(PhotoXP)
* Powerd by GeoLite City, Yahoo! API, Google Maps API