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Outside In/Inside Out

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Latest work by Anita Bacic
Explorations of camera obscura, light and seeing

Anita Bacic's work engages with the human need to network, interact and
communicate with other individuals. Through this Bacic examines how we
learn to see, look and interpret the world around us. Much of her
previous work involved a vigorous examination of the various
technologies that have facilitated communication over the centuries. In
Outside In/Inside Out she frees her work from complex technology in
order to display an image without any editorial control. Each viewer
draws upon his or her own experiences in order to interpret what is
happening; making this encounter similar yet different to others. The
work allows a sense of self and a space for contemplation on the
universality of the world outside as we share experiences despite our

Please Note: Optimum viewing is during daylight hours

Dates: 01 August - 21 September
Opening: Thursday 31 July, 6 - 8pm

Guildford Lane Gallery
20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne
+61 422 442 363

Contact Anita:

mobile: +61 414 737 462
tel/fax: +61 3 8610 0120