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Opening of »ZKM_Gameplay - The Game Platform at the ZKM«

  • Deadline:
    June 21, 2013, midnight
  • Location:
    ZKM | Karlsruhe, Lorenzstr. 19, Karlsruhe, 76135, DE

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Relaunch of the Exhibition at the ZKM | Media Museum

ZKM_Gameplay is the new permanent exhibition on the theme of video games and experimental forms of play. The opening is scheduled to take place as part of the festival of science EFFEKTE on June 21, 2013. Computer games have been exhibited at the ZKM | Karlsruhe since its opening in 1997, as they represent an essential part of the digitally marked life-world. Since then, numerous new forms of artistic, experimental, media-reflective as well as ‘serious’ types of games have been developed. Today, the cultural influences and economic force of the games have become very pervasive. This has made the games an important object for the ZKM | Media Museum.

ZKM_Gameplay extends across the entire 2nd floor of the Media Museum. A varied selection of exhibits is on display: a large area is dedicated to works of game art ranging both from art which has computer games as its subject, and computer games designed by artists. Added to this are computer and video games, which illustrate the entire range of the medium and make these experienceable in the Media Museum. One main area of focus is taken up by independent games and serious games; approaches which have distinguished themselves, for example, by particularly innovative games ideas, an interesting experimental claim, a powerful cultural effect, or a unique consciousness of its own means and forms of expression.

Press Conference: Thurs., June 20, 2013, 11 a.m.
Opening: Fri., June 21, 2013, 3 p.m.