SINCRONIE for GESUALDO music composition and production competition

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 15, 2013, noon
  • Location:

Extract form the call:

The competition is open to applicants without limits of
age and nationality.

The competition is divided in two categories:
version for instrument with or without electronics.
Applicants are asked to compose a version for instruments only or for instruments and electronics of a madrigal by Gesualdo chosen among the followers:
a) "Languisce al fin" (from Quinto libro);
b) "Tribolationem et dolorem"(from Sacrae Cantiones); c) "Ancide sol la morte" (from Sesto libro).
The available instruments are:
fl. (also fl. in G and bass fl.), cl. (also bass cl.), vl., vla, cello and electronic keyboard.
It is also possible to use an eletronic track.

version for electronic music only.
Applicants are asked to realise a version for electronics only, also in in the form of a “remix”, of Luca Francesconi’s version of madrigal by Gesualdo "Moro lasso al mio duolo" (from Sesto libro), in the recording by Avanti Chamber Orchestra. It’s possible to listen to this transcription in mp3 format from the application page.

The jury shall select up to four winning versions,two for Category A and two for Category B that will be performed within the Festival Gesualdo Milano 2013, in the second half of November 2013.

Category A:
1st prize: 1300 euro. 2nd prize: 500 euro.
The winner scores will be published by Edizioni Sconfinarte.

Category B:
1st prize: 800 euro; 2nd prize: 400 euro.
Applicants enrol by paying the registration fee of 35 Euro.

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