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WORLD WIDE ART LA, October 16-19, Los Angeles Convention Center

  • Deadline:
    May 1, 2014, midnight

WORLD WIDE ART is inviting artists and art galleries from around the world to come together to showcase their work in the vibrant art center of Los Angeles. Scheduled at the beginning of the international art fair season, from 16-19 October, 2014, WORLD WIDE ART Los Angeles will unveil a powerfully diverse collection of contemporary, international art.

Set on the modern stage of the Los Angeles Convention Center, the fair will serve as a visual montage of art in 2014, as it exists across the globe. Visitors will be welcomed into the vivid imaginations of the world’s artists, moving from nation to nation in a matter of steps.

For more information and to apply to exhibit, visit http://www.worldwideartla.com/

Event sponsored by World Wide Art Books, Inc., www.wwab.us