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Call for participation - 1000 Joyce Walks

1000 Joyce Walks Call for participation

What: 1000 Joyce Walks

When: Bloomsday June 16th 2008

Where: Any city in the world

How: Generate a map and walk in your city

Participants are now sought for the 1000 Joyce Walks project taking
place on June 16th (Bloomsday) 2008 www.stunned.org/walks

1000 Joyce Walks is a participatory global intervention which aims to
create a day of psychogeographical exploration with 1000 interventions
in 24 hours across the globe.

The project uses the Joyce Walks project to remap routes from James
Joyce's Ulysses to any city in the world to be used as the basis of
walks which navigate urban space in a new and unexpected way .

Based on the Situationist Dérive Joyce Walks is a participatory spatial
tool which overlays virtual layers of meaning over real space enabling
the user to create temporary location based interventions and social
spaces which tactically insert themselves into the urban environment
inscribing a new set of meanings onto the very fabric of the city.

Participation is easy.
- Use the Joyce Walks website to generate a walk in any city of your
- invite your friends and peer group to join you on your walk
- document the experience simply with some photos and/or videos
- use the Joyce Walks site to generate a googlemaps mashup of your walk
to be shared on the Joyce Walks site or embedded on any webpage
- most importantly - have fun!

1000 Joyce Walks is a project by Dublin based artist Conor McGarrigle

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