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Miasma: THE-MERZ-WORLD-NEW-CONSTRUCTION PART II: Black Sea Washing Machine (metamorphosis) on donaufestival Austria - call for participation

  • Deadline:
    April 27, 2013, 7 p.m.
  • Location:

The Eel House presents:
Black Sea Washing Machine (metamorphosis)
donaufestival Krems, 27. April 2013

MIASMA is an intermedial combination of stage play and cinema situated within the space of new media. It uses artistic processes to research and develop new narratives of media convergence.

MIASMA actively researches the intersections between the stage play and the new aesthetics/possibilities of cinema in the 21st century. The main aim of MIASMA is to produce qualitative research on highly aesthetic forms of presenting and distributing performance and visual works that exceed industry standards.

LIVESTREAM : 27.4.2013 19:00 CEST

This is a CALL FOR PARTICIPATION for venues, artspaces and people worldwide: join the MERZ-WORLD-NEW-CONSTRUCTION!

If you want to organize a live-viewing of our live-streamed show, please contact us! We will be publishing all the venues where screenings will take place on www.miasma.is.

donaufestival krems (austria) which is

more information on www.miasma.is