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Reflections: Painting With Pixels

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Opening of Reflections at Media Art Gallery in Warsaw.
Reflections will be presented in Warsaw, Poland at the Media Art Gallery, ul. Spokojna 15 on June 12 at 6 PM. Exhibition organized by Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts with support from the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw.

"Reflections" is an interactive art installation that involves a viewer in pixel painting of his or her image. The process of pixel painting is stretched in time and fragmental, allowing the viewer to contemplate on the generated image. It captures the viewer in segments of time and displays multiple instances of his or her image. The generated image continuously reinvents itself according to the viewer's position and movement. The viewer is captured via live video feed from a web cam.
Music from a record "Sun Over Lake" by Trzaska and Seed Electronic Ensemble, a project by Mikołaj Trzaska and Jarek Grzesica (Seed Project), initiated in 2003.