Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

performance piece running between 11 and 5 pm, until 31st May

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β€˜Man is a bridge between the apes and the Supermen; a laughing stock.’

Friedrich Nietzsche

Two Crosses is a solo exhibition by Cornwall born, London based artist Daryl Waller taking place at Goldfish, Penzance.

This will be a major exhibition of paintings, sculpture, installation and performance.

The performance aspect of the show, titled 'Portrait of the artist as a young man', will span two thirds of the exhibition and will involve the artist dressed as an ape-man, confined / sheltered in a cage, painting to request / demand.

Artist Statement

For balance and control, a battle rages in my soul
Am I monkey am I man?
One finger holding back the dam
Confusion was all right
Till it kept me up at night
Heavy breathing okay
Till it took my breath away
Now I feel like I've just begun, I feel I've just begun

Lou Barlow, 2006

Two Crosses isn't about just one thing, it doesn't have one overall theme, and I'm unable to sum it all up in a few sentences. Nothing is about just one thing. For me I see the little advances I've made - in colour, form, shape and composition, although I doubt these would be of importance or interest to anyone else but myself.

I often read that musicians have the melody buzzing around their head, and need to get in down, this interests me a great deal, how does the tune get there? Why did it form? What purpose does it have? Why do some people think this way while others don't? The only melodies I have in my head are ones other people have recorded already; they fill my minds-
ear and never seem to leave. I can only assume that this must be similar to the way I imagine images in my mind. Shapes, colours and abstract scenes mush together with the things I'm reading or find interesting. Eventually, exhausted at being stored they spill out, sometimes in the way I've envisioned them, other times I need to work harder. A tutor once told me making art was like being sick, only it was up to me to pick out the carrots - for a long time I've been concerned with the carrots but now I'm beginning to refocus on the sick.

Daryl Waller, 2008

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