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Fragments: GREAT ART for €40


Fragments: GREAT ART for 40 Euro

Fragments provides a fabulous opportunity to own and collect great, new, contemporary art. All works in the series have been created by established artists specifically for this project by the Haydn Shaughnessy Gallery.

Each Fragments artist revisits his or her existing work, and takes a fragment or detail or still from a print, photo, painting or video that they feel is indicative of their art or practice. The result is a series of ongoing images - Fragments - that capture the essence of their work; every piece has been especially crafted to give a wide public access to astonishing and collectible art at an affordable price.

Each archival Fragments print is available for €40 (about $62) plus shipping and handling from http://fragments.galleryica.com. These signed and numbered works are usually 8 x 10 inches and in editions of 100.

Fragments is part of the This Is Not A Brand art label by the Haydn Shaughnessy Gallery for Innovative Contemporary Artists.

Participating artists for the launch: LoVid, Chris Ashley, E J Carr, Jon Coffelt, Susan Kaprov, Nathaniel Stern. A new print by one of these or other/new artists is added to the site every week! Give the gift of art to yourself, friends or family :)

Image: window, 8×10 inches, lambda print on metallic paper, edition 100