Gaia Mapping 2008

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Photo mapping and contest;
[Gaia Mapping 2008]

Hello All,
'Do you know Japan hosts the G8 Summit in July?' Ask kids in Japan, and many of them, even high school students, answer 'No'. Why does our next generation have so little interest? Environmental problems are
the challenges that every single person on the earth must face and take action. As the first step of '+ 1 Project', NPO Gaia Initiative asks everyone to send 1 photo of 'things you care', 'people you care' and 'what you want to hand over to next generation' taken by cell phone camera and digital still camera. The project aims to provide everyone with an opportunity to look around oneself and 're-think' about our beloved home, Gaia.

* '+ 1 Project' encourages every individual and organization to take 1 step forward to make the better future.

Gaia Mapping 2008

Everyone can participate from all over the world. Take a photo of 'things you care', 'people you care' and 'things you want to hand over to next generation' by cell phone and digital camera. Mail it to us, and the photo will be posted on Google Earth/Google Map. An exhibition of selected photos is scheduled at FUJIFILM SQUARE, Tokyo. Many prominent figures will participate in photo posting.

[How to post]
Email a photo taken by cell phone or digital still camera to one of the addressed below.

"Friends of Gaia"


"Goods & Wisdom"

*To ensure print quality, please set a photo size above SXGA (1280X960)

Posting: April 25, 2008 - June 8, 2008 (contest application due) *Photo posting on Google Earth/ Google Map is available till July 31.

"Gaia Mapping 2008" Exhibition
Date:July 2, 2008 (Wed)~July 30 (Wed) (Planned)
Place:FUJIFILM SQUARE (Tokyo Midtown West 1st floor, Akasaka 9-7-3, Minato-Ku, Tokyo)
About 600 photos will be selected among all the photos posted till June 8.

Date:July 2, 2008 (Wed) (Planned)
Judges: Ms. Shiho Fujita, Ms. Aki Higashihara, Mr. Tomoyuki Sugiyama,
Mr. Junichi Yamamoto,
Ms. Tomoko Tamogami,
Award includes special display at the exhibition and a present.

NPO Gaia Initiative
Support:Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (planned)
Technical Support:FUJIFILM Corporation
Planning Support:Hidenori Watanave (Associate professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University, and Visiting professor of Digital Hollywood University)
Cooperation:Google, Inc. , LSD Co. Ltd. Photon Inc.

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Tel : 03-5772-7972 (for press) / Fax : 03-5772-7973
In charge: Chikako Fujita