Cityscapes offers a common ground where people can share their experiences of the places where they live and have lived, or have visited. Or places they've imagined, read about, hope or have hoped to visit. In other words, Cityscapes is not only the reflection of physical space but of a shared imaginative space.

Its theoretical basis lies in ideas of locative art and pyschogeography. The camera and descriptive text are its locative technologies, and the pyschogeography consists of the spaces we inhabit as a global community. Cityscapes is a browser-based application. It embeds mapping software and geographical locating services in a wiki framework, which enables multiple users to contribute texts and images to a common project.

Cityscapes is built entirely on open source components and cost-free Internet services, most prominently DokuWiki, Google maps,, and the FCKeditor. This truly remarkable freedom of technical access is important to how Cityscapes has been conceived, as inhabiting a shared imaginative space made possible by the Internet.

We hope that you will visit Cityscapes and, even more, that you will take the time to contribute. The wiki is set up so that only you have editing access to your posts; you can always come back to them, revise them, even delete them.