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Moderator - Eyebeam Distributed Creativity Forum

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 4, 2003, 4:55 p.m.

Hi –

Some of you may recall that Eyebeam invited Rhizomers to participate in
an online forum on Distributed Creativity (see below for more
information). There is a week duration in late November/early December
in which the Distributed Creativity discussions will take place on
Rhizome Raw (along side regular Raw happenings).

According to Eyebeam, the moderator's responsibilities are to:

* stir the conversation for that week
* point people to look at art works for examples on Eyebeam's forum
* ask questions, engage participants
* perhaps do one post a day during the seven day tenure

I am looking for Moderators for the Rhizome Raw week – November 28-
December 4. There is a stipend ($200) for moderators so if you're
interested in this project please email me with DC Moderator in the
Subject Line and let me know why you would be willing to take on this
responsibility. If you want to detail moderation experience that is
welcome also. There is additional information on Distributed Creativity


Best, Rachel

Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Beth R."
> Date: Tue Nov 4, 2003 3:25:04 PM US/Eastern
> To: Rachel Greene
> d i s t r i b u t e d c r e a t i v i t y
> An Online Forum
> Presented by Eyebeam and Still Water @ the University of Maine
> Nov 12-Dec 19, 2003
> www.eyebeam.org/distributedcreativity
> Artists are organizing impromptu street actions by mobile phone,
> musicians
> are repurposing peer-to-peer applications for artistic ends, and
> programmers
> are distributing electronic toolkits to help artists leap from code to
> creation.
> Distributed Creativity, Eyebeam's sixth annual online forum,
> investigates
> new paradigms for artmaking that take advantage of mobile and
> distributed
> technologies such as WiFi, Weblogs, Wikis rich Internet applications,
> voice
> over IP and social software.
> Forum co-hosts, panelists and public participants from around the
> world,
> including Creative Commons, DATA, Fibreculture and Rhizome will
> discuss the
> artistic, legal, technical and social dynamics of creative networks
> small
> and large.
> All topics focussed on this question: What kinds of innovations are
> required
> to sustain or support Distributed Creativity?
> Topic 1 Nov 12-19
> Copyleft, Right & Center: Innovations in Law w/ Creative Commons
> Topic 2 Nov 20-27
> Mobile Creativity: Innovations in Technology w/ DATA
> Topic 3 Nov 28-Dec 4
> Digital Karma: Innovations in Ethics w/ Rhizome
> Topic 4 Dec 5-11
> Whose Version?: Innovations in Authorship w/ Fibreculture
> Topic 5 Dec 12-17
> Mod the Market: Innovations in Commerce
> Wrap Up Dec. 17-19