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(re)solve: call for event scores

  • Deadline:
    Feb. 19, 2013, noon
  • Location:
    farmhouse art collective,

a farmhouse art collective multi-location event
february 19½ + infinity

experiments in purposeful and arbitrary-ness
collapsing the barrier between art and life

about the event:

in a world in which x is the norm, ever stop to wonder y ? farmhouse art collective invites you to counteract the z of modern living through collaborations in experiential art.

consider the constants in your life: how you move through space, the use of language. social ritual, routine. what you carry with you and what you leave behind.

now think of them as variables. for every a you encounter, (re)solve for b.
invert and repeat until you find another way.

to participate:

send an event score* that addresses the theme to farmhouseartcollective@gmail.com.

*an event score is a set of instructions for a meaningful action to be preformed.
the act of performing the score results in an experience that is the artwork.

we will begin posting selected scores to the farmhouse website on february 19½ for their infinite multiplication.

related tangents:

in conjunction with (re)solve, our revamped dead drop art exchange continues.
we are also hosting exquisite corpse projects by mail, rethinking how artworks are made and distributed.

if you are interested in creating a drop location or would like to be part of our mail art experiment, please mention it in your submission and include your mailing address.