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April 11 / 2008

Architektur Defekt - Performance As Extended Gesture Of Sound

Galerie Weissenseer Freitag, Brückenstrasse 5-6, Berlin - Mitte/Kreuzberg.
U-S-Bahn Jannowitzbrücke/U-Bahn Heinrich-Heine-Strasse

20 Uhr
Gesture and Sound both interact in a functional and disfunctional way. They create architectures and landscapes on their own. Architektur Defekt is to recognise the increasingly visible aspects in experimental music through expanding gesture in relation to performance. Architektur Defekt will source other artistic fields but focus on Sound as the main point of reference.

Artistic languages are more and more contaminating each other no matter from wich particular field an artist is apparently coming from. Not only Performance can show something of the artist’s particular discipline, it can also reveal all the colors and intensity of this inteference.

This event will feature Steven Wray Lobdell, a musician and guitarist who did time with legendary Krautrockers FAUST, as an example of the “original” performer.
In addition, Vice versa we will present three emerging artists - Andrea Lange, Michal Dudek and Bearytheblonde - who, sourcing from visual arts developed through the conceptual use of the body, are exploring sound performance as memory through an extension of gesture and space.

An extremely different approach will be taken by conceptual sound artist Stefan Roigk. His idea is to play a set of the same length as the other performers, but to remove his own physical presence, instead let perform an installed piece.

The Skull Defekts will conclude the evening with an expanding drone-set that will serve as statement of permanence.