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Theory + Practice, Networked

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Gallery Aferro 73 Market St Newark NJ www.aferro.org

Theory + Practice curated by Evonne M. Davis
Networked curated by Donna Kessinger, New Media Room
If So, Then So! New Work by Kevin Darmanie, Project Room

April 19 - May 17, 2008
Opening Reception Saturday April 19, 7-10 PM

“…There are no countries now….” From artist Alan Bigelow’s When I was President

Theory+ Practice is an acknowledgement, interrogation and fete of the void between what the world could be and what it is. Web artist and writer Alan Bigelow’s piece, When I was President is an interactive projection that details a presidency ended by a suicide bomber: “a high school teacher from Des Moines.” “She said it was the only way to make the world right again.” Site-specific sculptural works by Brian Wondergem include a 15-foot high Ferris wheel built exclusively out of ladders, suggestive of both an extreme pragmatism as well as yearning for escape.

Artists: Andrew Leo Baron, Alan Bigelow, Deric Carner, Robert Ladislas Derr, Nisha Drinkard, Katarina Jerinic, Darren Jones, Tracie Lee, Paula McCartney, Tori Purcell, Stephanie Standish, Alina Tenser, Matthew Verdon, Brian Wondergem

According to independent curator and video artist Donna Kessinger, the world of networked art is expansive and constantly evolving daily with new technology and applications. Networked is an effort to take into consideration both literal and physical interpretations based on an open call for networked art on a local and international level. This small group survey is an attempt to look at the manifestation of net-based interactive projects, and physical attempts to escape from virtual realities, resulting in work with a more personal connection - going back to an idea of networks having to do with people and the way we live and work, both alone and in community.

Artists: William Brovelli, Doris Caçoilo, Beatrice Coron, The Coalition for Daring Behavior, Sean Hovendick, Visakh Menon, William Oliwa, Gunter Puller, Katherine Sweetman, Amanda Thackray, Michelle Wilson, Jody Zellen

Kevin Darmanie’s oversized comic panels each function independently but can be read as part of an ongoing narrative. Set between Trinidad and a city not dissimilar to Newark, NJ, the series is notable for the humor, honesty and sly queries posed by Darmanie’s alter ego, Kedar. If So, Then So! is the culminating exhibition of Darmanie’s 07 studio residency at Aferro.

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