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Annoucing a new digital poetry resource site.


These are digital poetry forms, bridges between the print and wired worlds. While not intending to create a blueprint, these poems and the included code, descriptions, videos and examples, are designed to help poets explore translating their poetics into interactive, non-linear, moving, playable digital creatures.
Please do share your thoughts.

cheers, Jason Nelson


Leif BRUSH April 4 2008 14:04Reply

>>Saw your greeenlight too late Jason for 08? In a walnut sized nutshell: composer Volker Staub brought up my windribbong concepts see Mar 28 in DarM stadt http://www.neue-musik.org/presse_service/INMM_2008_FLYER_KOR_5.pdf He referred to my WINDRIBBON v1 of 1975 http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/WINDRIBBON%20v1'78.%20.mov I am zooming in now RE: voice/wind poetry http://earthguest.net/EP.html#anchor205586 and some alternative two-way streaming instances http://weblackwhole.net/w2bw.htm Currently housed at http://weblackwhole.net over to you, LB

leif BRUSH April 27 2011 19:27Reply

I seem to have taken an incorrect turn. My fault, please delete the previous.

Vijay Pattisapu April 6 2008 20:03Reply

"Layering Follow" is simple but cool!

You know what would be interesting? If the content would change based on how long you hold down the mouse button: colors, sizes, semantics …

Keep up the good work! Every two weeks!!