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Residency with performance on Madeira Island

  • Deadline:
    March 1, 2013, midnight
  • Location:
    Pedra Sina Residence, Rua Pedra Sina No. 68, Funchal, Madeira Island, 9060-222, PT

Pedra Sina Residence is an independent, non-profit organization hosting artists in a villa on Madeira Island since October 2012. Every month the villa hosts a new group of 3-5 artists and some months of 2013 will be dedicated to artists performing with new media sonic (music) and visual art. The resident artists of those months will be forming the main part of a performance-programme, which will be open to a public audience and take place somewhere on Madeira Island.

To participate in a residency with performance one should be able to perform 2 sets of 10 to 60 minutes each. Any type of acts within new media (electronic/digital) art are welcome but especially favoured are projects exploring the following.

- New electronic tools or methods of using such.
- Ways of integrating sound/music with visual art (or opposite).
- Compositional/sensory aspects of art.

For more information on the objectives please read the curatorial notes (www.pedrasina.org/CuratorialNotes.aspx).

Please note that the application deadline is actually open - applications are accepted any time during 2013. To stay updated on residency opportunities please connect to our facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/297062757063502/). One may also connect to the facebook page (www.facebook.com/pedrasina).

Financially residency at Pedra Sina Residence works by a model where we are not depending on external funding/approval. Since anyone who is able can make a personal contribution there should also be room for hard-working artists who don't have the financial resources. However, to gain some extra freedom the organization is in the process of finding funding to provide artists with flight tickets, etc. - any news about this will be posted in the facebook group.