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    Jan. 31, 2013, 12:20 p.m.
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Rhizome Announcement

To start the New Year on the right footing please visit poetry and art magazines & leave a kudo to the publishers’ if not the featured artists. The editors’ jobs are lonely undertakings. They also need to know how the number of hits their magazines reward their efforts. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Of course this is also a self-serving announcement but I hope to hit more than one bird at a time because it is another avenue for all artists to promote not only their art but also see what’s out there in the subdivisions of art exhibitions.

So to start here’s the first link of a website that announces what, where, when https://duotrope.com/

64. Art: Color & Texture of Illusion + Otherworldly Landscapes
Date: January 2013
Publication: Beyond Reality Magazine

63. Poem title: Guanajuato Paso Dobles
Date: October 2012
Publication: Full of Crow

62. Art title; Self-Portrait
Date: October 2012
Publication: Blink Ink

61. Poem title: A Mousy Story
Date: October 2012
Publication: Ink Sweat and Tears http://www.inksweatandtears.co.uk/pages/?p=3394

Alex Nodopaka


Kimberly Kradel Jan. 2 2013 15:34Reply

Yes, leaving comments, or even joining art related membership sites, is a great way to show us if our editorial work is valued. As an artist who takes time out of the studio to run a site related to art and cultural travel - promoting traveling for the sake of art - I often times wonder if anyone cares about the content I produce … So yes, when you visit an editorial site, make sure to leave a relevant comment!