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Christmas digital artwork

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 20, 2012, midnight

The July 16. The agency, founded in 2009, works with contemporary art in 3 directions: producing and organizing art exhibitions all over the world searching for new non-standard ways of putting it out there and getting it through to people; managing emerging and upcoming artists; and the latest direction of our work is creation/production of interactive applications for iOS devices. Through its projects “The July 16” strives to build bridges between countries and fill niches in the context of cultural exchange.

Biennale Way's mission is to incorporate the biggest world biennales of contemporary art: Venice, Berlin, Moscow, Sydney, San Paolo and many more. One of the key aims of the personal biennale guide is informative: to attract an interest of the wide audience to the biennale, projects, artists by the most accessible, direct, and personal contact. The insight, compiled out from explanations of key figures of world contemporary art scene. The first edition of the Biennale Way was available for the tour through the 54th Venice Biennale.

We want to arrange a call for artworks. We intend to raise interest in new media art in Moscow and bring full awareness of its practicing. Discover existing works by visual artist Hans Op de Beeck and media artist Thomas Eberwein. Explore our last year illustration card created by M/M Paris through our website.


We are calling - to partiсipate in creation of Christmas artwork.

- Any tools.

- To participate, artists must send an email to info@biennaleway.com, attaching a description of the work.

- This card will be on the website during the Christmas holidays and could be a very first step to our worldwide subscribers to discover more.