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Internet Art After Social Media (wiki, e-book)

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 20, 2013, 1:35 p.m.
  • Location:
    Oakland University - Department of Art and Art History,

I am in the process of redesigning a course titled SA370 Internet Art, a junior-level class in a B. A program in Studio Art-New Media at my institution, Oakland University, in the Detroit-metro area.

Taught online, this intermediate course aims to expose students to the varied artistic expressions and explorations with a focus on or relationship to the Internet, as subject, medium and/or tool. Previous versions of the course focused mostly on the history and artworks done between 1995-2005. For this new edition I want to shift the class away from “historical” models and align projects with contemporary practices (2006-2012). Internet here is understood as any and all interconnected mass media / communications technology that use both text and media, predominantly via wireless signals (not just stuff on a browser).

Here is where I need your help. I want to compile a resource list of projects, completed and in-progress, by artists working with the Internet right now. You may be such artist.

For pedagogical reasons I have created a few categories where I plan on grouping these resources (and projects will be paralleled to them). I understand that these can be quite problematic, but know that these are not set in stone and may be articulated differently later on, or removed altogether. They are, in no particular order:

- email, IM, text art
- data visualization
- open-source / crowd-source
- mobile / gps / augmented reality / app
- web-based / cam performance
- browser art / curatorial space
- social networks
- gaming / virtual spaces / MMORPG
- other / anything else

Again, I am aware that these are not the perfect categorizations, and that some of these have many connections. Once your responses are compiled, they may be organized in a completely different manner.

My goal is to apply this resource list (it will initially be a list of links available for my students) for one or two semesters (Winter/Spring and Summer semesters) and figure out any issues, add more materials, etc, in future iterations of the course.

By the end of Fall 2013 I want to open up this resource to a larger audience, either in the form of a wiki or an e-Book .
If you’d like to be included in this project, please send me a link or links to specific projects and a descriptive paragraph or two (under 500 characters please) in how and where you see your project fitting my call. Rather than sending me a link to your main site and having me decide what to choose, please focus on specific projects so that this process can be more efficient – but do know you may submit as many projects as you want to and be featured in more than one section/category. Alternatively, if you want to send me a pdf file with texts, images, links, etc, that would be workable as well.

My email is whitehea@oakland.edu . Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.