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Art as an investment- Online course

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 3, 2012, midnight
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The cartclab online program was established in Budapest, 2012. The lab aims to provide as much information and experience about contemporary art as possible both for people (who are) employed within this field and for those (who are) interested in it. Due to an online learning software programme we are able to offer an interactive course available from all over the world. Our lecturers are highly qualified and professionally acclaimed art historians, curators, and art managers. Furthermore, the course can help you to practice and explore the fields of critical communication and reflection.

Course topic: Art as an investment

Lecturer: Brunella Bruno- Professor of Financial Markets and Institutions

The course aims at illustrating the main features of art as an investment. Particularly, the course covers two main questions: Is art an asset? Is investing in art profitable? These questions will be addressed according to the following outline:

Art vs. traditional financial assets;
Measuring art performance: main art indices
Investing in art: risk, return, and contribution of art to portfolio diversification (main empirical evidence)
Investing in art: pros and cons of art investing through art funds

Application Deadline: 3rd November-2012

Dates: 7th November-28th November 2012

Tuition fee: 150 €

For more information
and application avaible from http://www.cartc.hu/index1.php#.UH1392eN6So