- Reuse Aloud

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 12, 2012, 5:10 p.m.
  • Location:
    Tyneside Cinema, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6QG, GB

On 01/03/2013 we will take over the radio. For one month we will broadcast across the airwaves. There is no agenda; there is no pre-defined outcome. This is an inclusive action initiated by Will Strong and Rosanna Skett, hosted on Reuse Aloud poses questions about originality in the digital age.

Since the boom of the Internet in the mid 1990’s, culture has been revolutionised by the ready availability of ideas and inspiration on a global scale instantly. While appropriation within the arts existed previously, open source culture has accelerated the attainment and re-distribution of material. Data can easily be obtained from the online cache, re-appropriated and re-dispersed as new. We are part of the remix generation.

“A remix is an alternative version of a recorded song, made from an original version. Sometimes this term is also used for alterations of media or recreation other than song. Remixing is the adoption, alteration, and recombination of pre-
existing cultural texts to create something new.”

Definition: ‘Remix’, Wikipedia

Chopped and changed, re-arranged and re-branded, collected and disseminated; the very essence of originality is being tested. Within this borderless exchange of data and ideas, artists choose to practice; gathering original sources and sowing the seed ‘remixed’. There is the potential to reach a wide audience quickly and work can be made cheaply or for free. Reuse Aloud questions; is work derived from a pre-existing, original source able to be unique on its own terms? Furthermore, when re-appropriating and publishing, can the titles ‘author’ and ‘owner’ apply?

Using the platform of, Reuse Aloud is calling for work that considers and embodies these questions, they will then be built into a program for broadcast. The basis of this call for submissions is Creative Commons, and more specifically the CC BY licence, ( the license that gives anyone free reign to mix, manipulate, re-work and share any material that is branded with it as long as you attribute the original creator, along with the new work. We invite people to engage with this theme by using pre-existing, CC BY licensed sources as a starting point.

The transmission will be installed in the gallery setting, making the radio physical and the broadcast interactive. We will host opening and closing events, the latter being a live broadcast marathon. We are looking for resolved or existing work as well as proposals for new pieces. We welcome multi-disciplinary practice engaging these concerns, but crucially all submissions must generate an audio output. is a net radio broadcast project initiated by Pixel Palace. We are looking after it and nurturing it in the hope that one day it will grow up to be big and strong. stands for Broadcast Art, Sound and Independent Culture. It is a slow growing project; each month we add new features and work. We will continue to commission new work for that will sit in the background and play between timetabled & regular shows.

Submission Criteria

Submissions to Reuse Aloud can take the form of pre-existing work, a proposal for new work or proposition for a live program.

Length: There is no limit to the length of work submitted or proposed pieces.

Language: The main spoken language of Reuse Aloud will be English. We will however accept audio work in all languages.

Deadline: The deadline for submissions will be Monday 12th November 2012.

Artists will be notified via email regarding the outcome of their submitted or proposed work(s).
This is an unpaid opportunity but all selected contributions will be fully credited and linked appropriately to relevant websites and/or sources. This call is open to all, regardless of nationality, age, or career stage.

Submissions should be made via the website: