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Array [ ] : textBooktoolKit in development, call for submissions

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 7, 2012, 8 p.m.
  • Location:
    Array [ ] : textBooktoolKit in development, Chicago, Illinois, US

This year we were awarded a Rhizome Commission (http://rhizome.org/commissions/proposal/2599/) and are currently organizing, editing, and designing a free and open-source resource (textbook/toolkit) for art and design “foundations” via new media.

Concepts presented in this publication will be described in scenarios, and content will be geared towards beginners (introductory level). In addition to studio-oriented content, we will provide a range of context(s), framework(s), and reference(s) so that beginners have a sense of the histories, cultures, and motivations at play in new media studio practices. The editorial tone of this project will emphasize accessibility and participation, media literacy, direct use and exploration of new media processes and materials, and approaches and strategies for critical engagement.

At this point in the process we are reaching out to artists, designers, teachers, scholars, researchers, and curators. Please consider submitting projects for introducing students to “foundations” via new media (from the most simple to the most complex) for this peer-reviewed project/publication.

We have identified an array of constructs and are seeking contributions in response to the following: internets, protocols, social networks; exhibition/distribution systems and platforms; networking, wireless technologies, hacking; command lines; interface; hypertext; code; light; color; imaging/pixels; imaging/vectors; modeling/geometry; sequence/media/remix/post; glitch/transcoding; audio; I/O; electronics/circuits/sensors; basic mechanics; augmented/virtual objects and places; game spaces; interaction; tactical/intervention; scores/instruction; collaboration irl+tele.

When submitting a studio project/activity scenario please include:

/ a project description
/ process narrative
/ necessary supplies and equipment
/ information about related works and/or people
/ links and resources (theory+practice) that would support students in “going further” or “digging deeper”

All submissions will be kept in strict confidence. Your project scenario/activity submissions will be reviewed in full and a member of an editorial group will respond first with inquiries and then will initiate a process towards formatting, scaling, and illustrating your contribution. If there is significant overlap, collaboration might be suggested. If your work is selected for inclusion in this project, you will be fully credited. All authors will be asked to copyright their project using a Creative Commons or other open license.

Submission Details:
Deadline for submissions: Friday, December 7, 2012
Submissions should be emailed to: array@onchanneltwo.com
Please use the subject line: “yourname(s) - array”

Process Details:
Anticipated response time: January-February 2013

General Inquiries:

Adam Trowbridge
Jessica Westbrook


Currently both Trowbridge and Westbrook are Assistant Professors at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where they teach in The Department of Contemporary Practices and The Department of Art and Technology Studies. Their studio/research practice is Channel TWo (CH2). CH2 focuses on mixed reality, media, research, design, development, and distribution… authorized formats + unauthorized ideas… systems of control + radical togetherness. CH2 was awarded a Rhizome Commission in 2012, a Turbulence Commission in 2011, and a Terminal Commission in 2010. Trowbridge and Westbrook have contributed to a number of publications, platforms, and programs including: reviews for furtherfield.org (2012); the GLI.TC/H READER[ROR] (http://gli.tc/h/) (2011); Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus (2010); Plausible Artworlds, a project to collect and share knowledge about alternative models of creative practice (2010-2011); Art Work, A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics, Ed. Temporary Services (2009).

Trowbridge and Westbrook have participated in and contributed to a number of panels and public lectures with talks and presentations including: “Free iPads!? Scalable Digital Pedagogies for Undergraduate Education,” for Mobility Shifts (http://mobilityshifts.org/) at The New School, New York, NY (2011); “GLITCH Bodies and Brains” for gli.tc/h/ (http://gli.tc/h/) at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL (2010); “Post-Institutional Systems of Education” for Upgrade! (http://www.upgrade.artapsu.com/) at the Trahern Gallery, APSU, Clarksville, TN (2009); “Givingupness and the end of local” for Plausible Artworlds at Basekamp, Philadelphia, PA (2009); and “Shifting motivations, art practice as relation, network, system,” for BIN, at AVA Center, Chattanooga, TN (2008).