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call for 8.5 x 11 B&W xerographic (photocopy) prints

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 19, 2012, 11:59 p.m.
  • Location:
    FICTILIS, 344 Lewis St, , California, 94607, US

This October, FICTILIS will present the second installment of 10.-22.-38 Astoria*, our gallery-wide installation/exhibition celebrating the art of xerography (photocopying). A space in the Bay Area (soon to be announced) will transform into a pop-up copy shop that is pre-stocked with a wide selection of ready-to-copy artworks, by artists from around the world, which will blanket the space’s walls. Visitors can use on-site copy machines to interact with the collection in several ways and contribute to its evolution over the course of the exhibition.

FICTILIS seeks submissions of black and white xerographic work of all types and styles. (“Xerography” is a fancy word for photocopying. “10.-22.-38 Astoria” was the first text/image ever produced using this technology*.) Submissions must be black and white on 8-1/2″ x 11″ ( US letter size) text weight paper. There is no submission fee and no limit on the number of submissions (though each submission should be unique). Entries should be mailed (with applicant’s name and contact information on back of each) to the following address:

344 Lewis St
Oakland, CA 94607

Exhibition dates: October-November 2012

Mail entries are preferred, but work may also be submitted as attachments using our submissions form (limit 3 attachments per submission). All attachments should be formatted for 8 1/2″x11″ black-and-white printing and should have been produced using a xerographic process.

Work will not be returned, unless special arrangements are made prior to submission (contact xero AT fictilis DOT com). All work will be displayed without attribution, though exhibition print/web materials will feature a list of contributors. FICTILIS may create derivative works of any submissions for display/promotional purposes, including assembling remaining copies at end of exhibition into companion book of same title.

10.-22.-38 Astoria exhibitions usually have some sliding-scale purchase options. Visitors to the first installment (Seattle 2011) had the option to 1) make one free copy of anything they bring in, using our onsite machines; 2) purchase for $1 a copy of anything they see on the walls; 3) purchase for $5 the original of anything they see on the walls, provided they replace it with a copy; or 4) purchase the original for $10, without replacing it. ($1 sales go to FICTILIS. $5 sales are split 50/50 FICTILIS/Artist. $10 sales go entirely to Artist.) There will be a similar structure to the purchase options of the upcoming exhibition. NOTE: Artists must include contact information on the back of every piece submitted in order to be compensated. Failure to do so will be considered forfeiture of compensation in the event the original is sold.

Applicants are encouraged to include as one of their submissions a xerographic self-portrait made by placing face directly onto glass of photocopy machine.

* “10-22-38 Astoria” and the 10-22-38 Astoria image are used with permission of the Xerox corporation.