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Call for SPACES R&D Program

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 30, 2012, 6 a.m.
  • Location:
    SPACES, 2220 Superior Viaduct , Cleveland, Ohio, 44113, US

SPACES is a presenting contemporary art venue dedicated to artists who explore and experiment. Located on the west side of downtown Cleveland, SPACES currently operates three programs to feature the excellent works of our curated artists: R&D (Research & Development), SWAP (SPACES World Artists Program), and The Vault.

This call-for-entries is for the R&D Program.
It is open to all established or emerging artists, curators and cultural producers who are 21 years old or older.

Applications must show promise and strong conceptual grounding. As the name of the program suggests, we're looking for artists who are delving into or willing to delve into research and then developing that research into projects.

Visit http://www.spacesgallery.org/artists/apply/rd before calling or emailing with questions. There you will find an extensive FAQ, application procedures and guidelines.

Applications are reviewed once each year. To ensure applications are considered in a timely manner, please coordinate so your application arrives at SPACES by the posted deadlines on our website. These are not postmark deadlines.

The R&D program invites artists, curators and other cultural producers to articulate their research and development of ideas and objects through a supported exhibition or project.
These exhibitions and projects may be group, solo, or collaborative endeavors.