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Wildlife in the Post-Natural Age

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 28, 2012, 8 p.m.
  • Location:
    Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, 135 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York, 11211, US

[text=center]The WAH Center presents
September 7-28, 2012
Reception: September 14, 6-9 PM
Curated by Cara DeAngelis[/text]

Images of and concerned with wildlife are thriving in the heart of American cities, from New York to San Francisco. In September, American artists come together in Brooklyn with this exhibit to share what "Wildlife in the Post-Natural Age" looks like. The works range from drawing, to painting, video animation, sculpture, and photography. The artists are widely varied in their approach, but all have an integral connection to the overarching theme.

The show focuses on work that addresses the interplay between wildlife and our domesticated selves and spaces. It probes the persistence of wildlife in American culture and individual imagination through the work of a diverse group of city-based artists. The varied works evoke a reconsideration of the term "wild" in what Gary Snyder has called a "Post-Natural Age," and the role that the artists are playing in exploring these issues.

Participating Artists: Emily Davis Adams; Nick Baxter; Rachel Bensimon; Dina Brodsky; Jessie Brugger; Cara DeAngelis; Bryan Drury; MaDora Frey; Ian Healy; Loretta Hirsch; Maria Kozak; Monika Malewska; Benjamin Martins; Randall Nelson; John O'Reilly; Colleen Plumb; Kate Puxley; Christopher Reiger; Wade Schuman and Kimberly Witham