Machinista 2004: supervisors wanted!

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 30, 2003, midnight

Machinista 2004 Scotland-Russia:
supervisors wanted!

- The Russian team are collaborating with major cultural and alternative venues in Glasgow, Scotland to create a significant offline festival to complement a new 2004 CD-ROM and website.
- Next month a widespread call for participation will begin soliciting submissions from artists, designers, programmers, inventors, musicians, filmmakers, VJs, performers and many others who have work they wish to showcase in any of the following themes / categories:

1. "Art from the Machine: gleams of the inhuman"
Works created completely or mostly by a machine.

2. "Artists Against Machinic Standards"
Breaking, destroying, hacking, unexpected (non-utilitarian?) usage of customary programs as an art experiment.

3. "Full-Screen Robomania"
Moving image works featuring: robots, cyborgs, artificial intelligence, life of machines, etc. single screen videos, film, animations, VJ mixes and visualiser software.

Two AI / arts experts (one UK based and one Russian based) oversee each theme. The six supervisors will collaborate remotely to critique entries and explain AI issues to a non-expert audience.


UK BASED SUPERVISOR: CATEGORY 1. " Art from the Machine: gleams of the inhuman".
UK BASED SUPERVISOR: CATEGORY 2. "Artists Against Machinic Standards".
- Briefly define and explain the themes for the call for participation in collaboration with Russian counterpart
- Assist/advise in distributing the calls for participation (for circulation from Oct/Nov 2003 onwards)
- Engage in dialogue with the offline festival event curators
- Evaluate their favourite entries in a short written report for the festival publication (also distributed on CD ROM & website)
- Present a summary of their categories during a panel/ forum at CCA Glasgow in May 2004

The fee for each position is GBP 150 + travel and expenses.

Note: "Artificial Intelligence in Art" is taken to include not just visual arts but also music, performance, dance, architecture, design etc. applicants with knowledge of AI in any such field are welcomed.

To apply for these jobs please send resume/CV/biography with brief supporting statement to

DEADLINE : 30 September 2003.

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