Charismatic Artists for TV show

  • Deadline:
    June 15, 2012, 10:45 a.m.
  • Location:
    Los Angeles, CA, California, US

This is a casting call for a TV pilot about Artists from the city being taken to, and inspired by small towns. REPLY TO THE ADDRESS BELOW.

If you are interested in being considered for the show and getting your work shown to a nationwide audience as well as being a part of a new, interesting concept,
reply to the email below w/ the information requested.
And pass it on to anyone you think might be interested.
If it goes to series, they'll be looking for more and more artists so could be a great opportunity.

Also, you'll have to come to LA for the casting.


Encore Road Productions is looking for an artist(s) who will be featured in a pilot project for a reality program, yet to be titled. The theme of the show will focus upon the re-discovery of small towns in America through the eyes of an artist(s). Our main character(s) are looking for NEW INSPIRATION for their work in some of the more hidden and unusual areas of our country. The artist would ideally be fluent in more than one art form, ie: a musician who also paints, or a photographer who also sculpts etc. Actors are ideal in the hopes of a charismatic up front person but we are not limiting ourselves to just actors. Also certainly, any of your celebrity clients who may be interested in hosting such a program would be ideal. Again, think of folks who are talented in more than one medium. Prototypes would be Huell Howser meets Arlo Guthrie or someone certainly with the charm, wit and multi talents of a Steve Martin. We love banjo/guitarists etc.! The artist will also have his/her work showcased weekly…and perhaps, down the line, housed in an on-line museum of ‘Grassroots Impressionism’. We are also considering a duo to host so any ideas in that realm within your client lists are welcome. This is an on the road experience as well so talent must enjoy travel and discovering new places.

We are looking for artists willing to take this journey with us.

REPLY TO: Dan Rosenfeld

in your email include:
1. your phone number,
2. a link to your portfolio online
3. the medium or mediums you work in, (multiple discipline artists encouraged)
4. if not represented online, your exhibition history for the last 3 years or pertinent projects or experience (a little bit about yourself)