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Open Call: Multi-museum

  • Deadline:
    June 21, 2012, 9:21 p.m.

[text=center]Body, Breath, Gaze Multi-museum
Open call: 02.05.- 21.06. 2012.

Body, Breath, Gaze Multi-museum announces an open call for collaboration in various categories: Body Museum, Breath Museum, Gaze Museum. Body, Breath, Gaze Multi-museum is the specific part of NETwork in moveMENT project with the aim for the practical study of body, breath and gaze as performative media. Multi-museum is based on the Internet, so it is a virtual formation with the tendency to perform its open setup live. Multi-museum’s invitation call is open from 02.05. – 21.06. 2012. Participants who join the collaboration are also invited to (re)discover their own performative exhibition form outside each of the offered categories. Participants can also collaborate in Multi-museum’s open setup 2012. by sending a video of their work in following categories – Body Museum/Breath Museum/Gaze Museum – in duration of 21 seconds maximum.
Body, Breath, Gaze Multi-museum’s concept questions the physicality of the movement – body-movement, breath-movement, gaze-movement – and the potentialities of generating new movement physicality arising from the body, breath and gaze as the singular performance media.
If you wish to participate in the Multi-museum – approach us in any artistic media; Your work in move, as well as potential issues, and propositions send to muzej.pokreta@gmail.com.