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Open Call: Movement Museum

  • Deadline:
    June 21, 2012, 9:21 p.m.

[text=center]MOVEMENT MUSEUM – Move Your Musea!
Open call: 02.05.-21.06. 2012.

Movement Museum announces an open call for collaboration in various categories: Movement-Image, Movement-Motion Picture, Movement-Video, Movement-Sound, Movement-Architecture, Movement-Design, Movement-Installation, Movement-Photography, Movement-Performance. Movement Museum is the project with the aim for the practical study of movement in these media. Movement Museum is based on the Internet, so it is a virtual formation. Movement Museum’s invitation call is open from 02.05. – 21.06. 2012. Participants who join the collaboration are also invited to (re)discover their own performative exhibition form outside each of the offered categories. Participants can also collaborate in Movement Museum’s open setup 2012. by sending a video of their singular movement in duration of 14 seconds maximum. Movement Museum’s concept questions the idea of pure movement, the movement as a singular medium, the one that deals with reinvention and deautomatization of physical, as well as language communication.
We are interested in the possibility of bringing the thought (non-existent in the language) into existence through the singular language of movement. If you wish to participate in the Movement Museum – approach us in any artistic media; Your work in move, as well as potential issues, and propositions send to muzej.pokreta@gmail.com.