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Interactive LiveStream Performance about Police Brutality

  • Deadline:
    April 28, 2012, 5:10 a.m.
  • Location:
    Center for Performance Research ,

DANGER/FEAR/ANGER: Blue Man is WOLF to Black Man:

Will premiere for the livestream performance festival LOWLIVES. The audience is invited to chat and tweet during the performance for a new level of dynamic expression and response. Which emotion will the audience/performers exhibit? Danger? Fear? or Anger?

D/F/A will be broadcast live from the Center for Performance Research

D/F/A is an interactive, multi-media poetic performance. D/F/A investigates the emotions, desensitization and (in)visibility of the police and victims of police brutality through monologues, mime, media and music. Blue Man is Wolf to Black Man plays with ancient Roman Playwright Platus’ theory that man is man’s only natural predator. Developed in response to the recent murder of Trayvon Martin, D/F/A is rooted in the Pedagogy and Theater of the Oppressed and styled in Ms. Holder’s genre of Shock and Awe with a Political Aftertaste, D/F/A yearns to “Extinguish the flames of hatred with a flood of dialog- Daisaku Ikeda (Buddhist philosopher).