jərˈmān, a new media art series

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 31, 2012, 3:55 p.m.

Announcing CutBank literary magazine's newest addition:

This is a call for short films, sound art, electronic literature, internet art, and other new media pieces to be featured on the CutBank website as part of our new media series, jərˈmān. This will hopefully become a monthly addition to the website, www.cutbankonline.org, which already features CutBank Reviews, CutBank related news, online poetry and fiction contests and recordings of Missoula-area readings. The goal of jərˈmān is to provide an outlet for creative work that cannot be captured in print. Keeping with CutBank's tradition of pursuing jilted and experimental work, jərˈmān will feature work that is pushing boundaries of genre, form, content, and purpose. Some examples of work that might be found in jərˈmān: an imitation of lost audio tapes of an ethnological study of Polynesian islanders composed with samples from recent UK dance tracks; a film of torn pages from a dictionary being read in front of various small-town court houses; an interactive map of the distribution of fast food restaurants throughout the Ukraine. Send all submissions to jermaincutbank@gmail.com