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SoundFjord | SoundSpace | Call for Participants

  • Deadline:
    April 1, 2012, noon
  • Location:
    SoundFjord/V22, Unit 3b - Studio 28, London, Greater London, N15 4ER, GB

Open Call:

SoundFjord are currently organising a 'pop-up' independent record store, at the humongous V22 space (in South London), during their Summer Club from May-July 2012. The space will be a cosy hub for conversation across genre, a showcase for the most creative individuals and labels within the industry, and will also feature talks, sound/music workshops and performances related to the labels involved.

SOUND//SPACE, as a centre for sonic exploration, will be a place to:
a.) buy independent and hand-made music and sound art;
b.) look at album covers and works curated by labels;
c.) meet like-minded individuals, artists/musicians and to discuss interests;
d.) listen to samples from records, CDs and similar media;
e.) experience unusual live music and sound art;
f.) learn - via workshops and lectures;
g.) join in - via talks with artists and folk in the business; h.) have fun, have a go!! e.g with instruments brought to the space e.g. theremin, synths.

SoundFjord are eager to talk with individuals making hand-made releases, independent labels that want to promote/sell their releases, and/or curate performances during the summer. Contact us if you'd like to be involved (detailing how), or for more info!

helen [at] soundfjord [dot] org [dot] uk

Deadline for expression of interest is: SUNDAY 01 April 2012.