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Online course / Art vs Law: an inherent conflict?

  • Deadline:
    Feb. 17, 2012, 10:30 p.m.
  • Location:
    Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Waldemarstr. 37a , Berlin, DE

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Art Vs Law: An inherent Conflict?

Lecturer: Alan Cunnigham, Ph.D. in Intellectual Property Law and Theory

This course will provide a better understanding of issues concerning certain forms of contemporary art and copyright law, specifically topics related to appropriation, contractual issues and moral rights.

Beginning with a historical and philosophical exploration of the emergence of the political act of appropriation in art, it moves to then examining how the law has intervened when it has been felt - by artists or others - that certain appropriations are 'too much' and concludes with practical lessons for the artist about utilizing copyright and contract law to facilitate their practice instead of letting such laws restrict or prevent it.

For full information: http://www.nodecenter.org/online/artandlaw.html

Duration: 23rd February - 22nd March 2012

Application Deadline: 17th February 2012

Participation Fee: 125€

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