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Call for 12 - 13 Terminal Awards

  • Deadline:
    Feb. 15, 2012, 11:59 p.m.
  • Location:

During the 2012 – 2013 academic year, Terminal http://www.terminalapsu.org will award four – $500 stipends to assist in the creation of new internet based art works.

The submission deadline is February 15, 2012

Submissions are open to anyone.

Terminal can provide webspace for completed projects, or the artists may elect to host the project themselves (with Terminal retaining a copy for archiving). We simply ask that Terminal be acknowledged with a link from the project.

In an e-mail to: jonesb@apsu.edu include
1. Artist or Artists full name
2. Address
3. E-mail address
4. Short bio ( 100 words max )
5. Links to on-line projects ( 5 urls max )
6. Proposed project title and description ( 500 words max )
7. Documentation that supports the proposal (images, diagrams, prototypes, etc)

This information may be included in the text of the e-mail or as an attachment


xtine burrough

xtine is a media artist and educator. She is the editor of Net Works: Case Studies in Web Art and Design (Routledge 2011) and co-author of Digital Foundations (New Riders/AIGA 2009).

Informed by the history of conceptual art, she uses social networking, databases, search engines, blogs, and applications in combination with popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, or Mechanical Turk, to create web communities promoting interpretation and autonomy.

xtine believes art shapes social experiences by mediating consumer culture with rebellious practices. As an associate professor of communication at CSUF, she bridges the gap between histories, theories, and production in design and new media education.


Stephanie Rothenberg

Stephanie Rothenberg creates provocative interactions that question the boundaries and social constructs of manufactured desires. Through participatory performance, installation and networked media, her work investigates the mediation of the physical, analog body through the digital interfaces of commodity culture. Adopting the role of cultural anthropologist, the medium of the techno-sphere itself becomes a laboratory for raising critical questions about our interpersonal relationship to technology and its broader socio-political implications.

Stephanie has exhibited, performed and lectured in the US and internationally at venues including the Sundance Film Festival, MASS MoCA, Whitney Museum of American Art, Banff New Media Institute and LABoral Center for Art & Industry. She has received numerous awards
including a 2011 Harpo and a 2009 Creative Capital in Emerging Fields. She has been in residence at art & technology centers such as Eyebeam, Harvestworks and free103point9 Wave Farm in upstate NY.

In addition to her position as Associate Professor in the Department of Visual Studies at SUNY Buffalo, Stephanie is Artistic Co-Director of REV-, a non-profit organization based in New York City, that furthers socially-engaged art, design, and pedagogy.