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Seeking queer writings on techno/EDM and identity

  • Deadline:
    May 1, 2012, 9:45 a.m.

Gays Hate Techno is a new web project seeking to publish thoughtful, subjective writings on the intersection of techno music, identity, perception, history, and politics from a queer perspective. We are currently accepting short writings (500-1500 words) for curated publication at our website.

Themes may include:
-technophobia/philia (here referring either to music or technology) and identity
-subjective or subcultural histories of techno music
-psychoacoustic architectures and synaesthesia
-spatial and/or gender politics on the dancefloor
-psychedelics and perceptualism
-poststructural approaches to techno music
-transgressive models and modalities in the genre or culture
-techno and the body
-critical musical contextualizations
-critical discussion of related fine art projects or works

Writers are encouraged to submit in her/his native language.

The writer need not identify on the LGBTQ spectrum, but should take into account the main audience, which comprises a global community of queer djs, producers, and fans.

We're reviewing submissions on a rolling basis.