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‘TECHNOETIC TELOS: Art, Myth and Media’ | Consciousness Reframed International Research Conferences

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 20, 2011, midnight
  • Location:
    ‘TECHNOETIC TELOS: Art, Myth and Media’ | Consciousness Reframed International Research Conferences, ICAC - Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture, , Kefalonia, GR

Art and consciousness in the post-biological era.
An International Research Conference in the Planetary Collegium’s Consciousness Reframed Series convened by the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture, Kefalonia, Greece.
APRIL 3O – MAY 2, 2012
“Convened in Greece, the conference takes its theme from the conjunction of telos and tele, (τέλος and τῆλε), in the purposes and processes of art in the post-digital culture. At the centre of these considerations is Mind, and the rich variability of consciousness and reality, to which technoetic systems and syncretic creativity aspire. Papers and projects are welcomed that address these issues, and which seek insights into the function of metaphor and myth in the emergent complexity of the post-biological era.”
Roy Ascott
In cooperation with the Planetary Collegium, at the University of Plymouth, England, ICAC – Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture is hosting Consciousness Reframed International Research Conference series, with the title of ‘TECHNOETIC TELOS: Art, Myth and Media‘.
The Consciousness Reframed conference series was founded by Roy Ascott at the University of Wales in 1997. Consciousness Reframed is a forum for trans-disciplinary inquiry into art, science, technology, design and consciousness, drawing upon the expertise and insights of artists, designers, architects, performers, musicians, writers, scientists, and scholars, usually from at least 20 countries.
As part of the conference a call for papers is now open for 25-30 speakers, in addition to speakers involved in the Planetary Collegium doctoral research programme at CAiiA – Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts.
Important Dates:
Deadline for Abstracts: (no more than 500 words) Dec 20, 2011
Notification of Acceptance: January 30, 2012
Deadline for full papers: (no more than 2.500 words) February 27, 2012
Conference dates: April 30, May 2, 2012

Abstracts should be submitted as an attached document in Word file by e-mail to: technoetictelos@gmail.com with author’s name, affiliation and contact info.
Selected papers will be published in Technoetic Arts Journal, Intellect Ltd.
Submission of full papers:
Papers will be required (no more than 2.500 words) by February 21, 2012. Papers received after that date will not be part in the process of publication.
Presenters Fee
The registration fee is 150 Euros. The deadline for payment is February 27, 2012. Late payment is subject to cancellation of participation.
Attendees Fee
Early registration fee: 40 Euros
January, 30, 2012
Late registration fee: 60 Euros
February 27, 2012
Please note that that the number of seats is limited. For this reason priority will be given to the early registration attendees.
Remote attendance
For attendees who wish to attend remotely, the conference offers full access in real time to the conference and participation to panel discussions via VGO Web Conferencing.
Fee & Deadline for remote attendance:
Early registration fee: 80 Euros
January, 30, 2012
Late registration fee: 100 Euros
February 27, 2012
Please note that the virtual conference room has 40 seats. If that number will be covered by the 30th of January, there will be no other seats from this date onwards. Therefore if the registration for remote attendees will be close after January, 30, 2012 there will be an alert on conference web site.
For remote attendance please e-mail to: technoetictelos@gmail.com