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LASt MINUTE Event FWD: Cycling 74 video software demo

From Hans Tammen: Harvestworks….


Monday, August 5th, 7pm (!) at Computer Music Center, Columbia University

Hi folks,

for a long time there were rumors about a new video addition to the
Max/MSP-bundle, and recently Cycling 74 announced it under the name
"Jitter" on their website - to be available in August. Now we're able
to get a detailed presentation of it at the NY Max Users Group (and
for anybody who's interested to see it).

Joshua Goldberg, one of the beta testers of Jitter, will present
"dervish": a computer VJ interface whose special feature is that it
takes great advantage of the very fast rotation & matrix transforms
of jitter to make beautiful feedback patterns. It's pretty unlike
other mixers people have seen before, and Dervish will be available
for free when Jitter is officially launched.

Luke DuBois and Jeremy Bernstein, two of the Jitter-programnmers will
talk about different features of the jitter architecture, show some
cool demos, and talk about how it works with max/msp.

Jitter is a set of video, matrix, and 3D graphics objects for the Max
graphical programming environment. Technically, Jitter provides a set
of new objects for describing and manipulating matrix data – any
data that can be expressed in rows and columns, such as video and
still images, OpenGL-based 3D geometries, as well as text,
spreadsheet data, particle systems, voxels, or audio.

Since we expect more people than usual, we would like to meet this time at:
Computer Music Center, Columbia University, Prentis Hall
632 w.125th street, Room 318

The meeting starts this time at 7pm!

directions: take the #1 train to 125th street (_not_ to the columbia stop
at 116th). go down to street level. you'll be at 125th and broadway.
walk west (towards the river past the mcdonalds). prentis is a very
unattractive 4-story green and white building on the south (downtown) side
of 125th street. there will be someone to let you in, or you can buzz up
to 'electronic music' on the buzzer by the door. come up the third floor
and follow the signs to the meeting.

So see you there!