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  • Deadline:
    Nov. 6, 2011, 9:45 p.m.

The project involves the creation of graphics and video based on a complex analysis conducted in which researchers can help in the study of a form of bacterial cultures, which are the leaven in the dough “herman” – a kind of “chain of luck”. Grout is usually passed between the “housewives” creating a kind of bond and neighbor-culture. The analysis will involve not only the flora, which arises from the exchange leaven the dough, but also the cultural dimension of such exchanges. The study will be the relationship between culture made present in the texts of culture and its relationship with the microbial culture. Impact of the presence of bacteria can express themselves through building of a community, or exclusion from it. Inculturation into the microbal culture is the same cultural initiation like mental inculturation. Man as a child are starting their social activity by numerous more or less danger diseases, thus suffering. The exchange of bacterial flora in the expandable communities initiates other inner relations of the society, also in the mental level. Epidemics of diseases and mutations in bacteria or viruses are stimulated by globalization processes. Building the resilience of organisms associated with assimilation and annexation of various organisms inhabiting the human body. Sometimes this is done by grafting, sometimes in a natural way. Starting or changing sexual partners is associated especially for women with temporary ailments bacteriological nature – of course only until the domestication of a new culture of bacteria. The exchange of cultures living in our houses of bacteria for their multiplication, and killing during baking so the dough is almost a ritual dimension, and the consumption effects of that sacrifice leads us to build a broad anthropological associations – culture-around this gesture. The exhibition is to seek and disclose such relationships.For this project I would like to persuade a group of neighbors from the house, or apartment building to participate in this project. It will be a kind of hermetic ragged penetrate the aura of art activities in a specific community arts neighborhood. The results of the analysis will be combined with the documentation of the event and presented as an integral part of artistic work that will arise as a result of this process. In an exhibition will be presented also: videos with interviews with the families who participated in the project, as well as videos documenting the process of laboratory tests. During the opening will be exposed to great tasting (several meters), a cake that turns into referring to the life forms found in the tested leavened.The primary measure will be to use theoretical tools: wide range of cultural studies and practical: the bio-tech research. Will be invited to the draft environmental science-related. We will use laboratory tests in the field of biotechnology and food sciences, and will conduct an analysis of fermentation, which will give a base of information are then processed to build a comprehensive and overall design of the exhibition. The measure will also use video and prints. By the way, driving in NT Gallery, Lodz, I established cooperation with Technical University of Lodz, which had to deal with art projects that appear on the interdisciplinary interface between science and art, which will certainly help me in the practice of scholarship.The end result will be to create a new kind of ties in the community where the project will be implemented and the implementation of specific works: the series of films inspired by images and structures pozyskanymi during testing. The works of video and accompanying graphics were synthetic record will conduct an experiment process of socio-artistic-scientific, and cultural contexts of its connotations. Research and analysis related to the effects kulturoznawcze work derived from laboratory tests may also affect incentives for the relationship between local scientific communities.After the exhibition a catalog showing the entire process of formation and duration of the exhibition as a social experiment in its multidimensionality.