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  • Deadline:
    Sept. 11, 2003, midnight

1) The 3C Cinefoto Club Cascina calls and organizes the 4th Grand Prix BIT D'ORO IMAGES OF SYNTHESIS WITH FREE THEME (virtual representation processed by computer) with the sponsorship of the Town Council of Cascina and the cooperation of INTERFREE.

2) The Contest is open to all the digital authors who intend to take part to it with images of synthesis - virtual representation of the reality which don't have their origin in any photographic click but are realized by the computer using specific software. Up to 4 works (files) can be sent.

3) The size of the pictures (for both the showing to the jury and for the projection that will be made by a video projector) can be at maximum of 1024 pixel for the horizontal side and 768 pixel for the vertical one. Files must be JPG and named with a maximum of 7 alphanumerics plus extention, composed as following: CCC | NN | F | n |.jpg, in which CCC is the first three letters of the surname, NN is the first two letters of the name, F identifies the number of sended files, n identifies the sequential number and .est identifies the extention (.JPG).

4) The participation in the single Grand Prix INTERFREE is completely free, it doesn't need the sending of the paper entry form and of the relevant participation fee. It is necessary to fill in the participation form on line on this web site: http://www.3ccascina.com/Concorsi_ENG.asp Works must arrive within the 11th September 2003 on Floppy Disk or CD Rom to the following address: 3C Cinefoto Club Cascina - c/o Pubblica Assistenza Viale Comaschi, 42 - 56021 CASCINA (Pisa) - ITALY o by INTERNET to the following address: concorso@3ccascina.com

5) The judgment of the jury is unappelable. Prizes will be awarded at all events.