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[ MINA ] call for Mobile Films & [ MINA ] call for Papers - http://bit.ly/mina2011

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 30, 2011, noon
  • Location:
    Film Archive, Wellington, , Wellington, NZ

Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa [ MINA ]
Call for Mobile Films:

International Mobile Innovation Screening 2011
23rd – 26th
November 2011
Film Archive,
Wellington, New Zealand

The International Mobile
Innovation Screening 2011 will showcase films produced on, for and with mobile devices
by international filmmakers such as Dario Apostoli (Italy), Camille Baker
(Canada/U.K.), Bebe Beard (U.S.A.), Felipe Cardona (Columbia), Louise Botkay
Courcier (Brazil), Ayran Kaganof (South Africa), Adam Kossoff (U.K.), Anne
Massoni (U.S.A.), Sylvie Prasad (U.K.) and Anders Weberg (Sweden) amongst
others. In addition MINA will feature selected screenings from Mobilefest (Brazil), Mobile Screenfest International
(Australia) and Ohrenblick (Germany).
The program is curated by the Mobile
Innovation Network Aotearoa [MINA], which aims to explore the possibilities of
interaction between people, content and the emerging mobile industry.

Deadline for submission of Mobile Films:
30th September 2011

Please send proposals of
approximately 250 words including the mobile film title, two still images, link
to online preview (if available) and a brief biographical note to max@mina.pro

Contact Max Schleser for
further assistance regarding submission enquiries relating to mobile
films [email: max@mina.pro | mobile: +64 [0] 22 692 0872].
Work can be sent in digital
format, via post or courier:
Dr. Max Schleser
c/o MINA
Institute of Communication Design
Po Box 756
Wellington, New Zealand

Call for Papers:
 [ MINA ] Symposium
November 2011
Film Archive,
Wellington, NZ

As part of the International Mobile Innovation Screening, the [ MINA ] symposium will also take place on the 26th
November 2011 in the Film Archive in Wellington.
The symposium will provide a platform for filmmakers,
artists, researchers, ‘pro-d-users’ and industry professionals to
debate the prospect of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies in
art and design practice and the creative industries. [ MINA ] invites paper
proposals relating to mobile technologies.
Mobile aesthetics entered the mediascape from 2004 onwards
and illustrate innovation
in the creative application of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies. Within the last
decade mobile video technology developed from a low-res 3gp video format to HD
video and simultaneously embraces the shift towards web 2.0/3.0. In 2006 mobile
phones outnumbered the volume of film and digital cameras combined, whilst
industry research forecasts a continuous development and innovation in the
area of mobile technologies. Yet no industry standards for production
and consumption of the new emerging video format have been established. Concurrently
a proliferation of creative mobile media practices surfaced within the
field of documentary filmmaking, art and design practice.

Paper proposals should be submitted by the 30th September
Please send a proposal of approximately 250 words with a title and brief
biographical note to max@mina.pro