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DigiMade: the Digicult Agency presents +39:Call for Italy at Nemo 2008

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At the beginning of its fourth year of activity, Digicult is proud to present its new side project, DigiMade, cultural and artistic agency promoting Italian digital artists worldwide. DigiMade is a part of the Digicult platform, including the web portal, the monthly magazine DigiMag, the audiovisual podcast DigiPod and the newsletter service DigiNews


From its birth, Digicult had the chance to collaborate with some national and international partners, in the field of electronic arts and culture, both as curator and media partner and consultant. Some of partnserhips and curatiorial project followed during this period were with festivals like Sonic Acts (Amsterdam), Sonar (Barcelona), Elektra (Montreal), Mixed Media (Milan), Optronica (London), Strp (EIndhoven), Todaysart (Den Haag), Dissonanze (Rome), Netmage (Bologna), Ixem (Palermo), Peam (Pescara) and many others..

Thanks to this net of contacts and collaborations weaved during last two years, Digicult has decided to start a professional path to valorize Italian digital artists internationally, in the field of audiovisual art, interaction and urban design, graphic animation, electronic music and experimental video art. Working as an agency, DigiMade promotes and organizes the work of some well-known experimental artists of the Italian panorama, starting with Otolab, Quayola, Kinotek, Zimmerfrei, Mylicon/en, and promotes the critic and research activity of the members of its Network. With critical sense and curatorial attitude, DigiMade acts as a cultural
bridge between Italy and the rest of the world, because of the lack of Culture Institution in charge of this work and because of a total absence of help and funding by Institutions.

Within its critic, curatorial, networking and journalistic activity, Digicult had finally the possibility to develop specific projects, that will be part of the DigiMade activity in the next future. "+39:Call for Italy" is just the last one in order of time, produced for the Cimatics festival 2007 in Brussels: it is a format that goes from live performances to installations and videoscreenings about the relationships between Audiovisual art and Design with the aim to promote the Italian rich
tradition internationally.


Live Performances, Video Screenings, Installations from modern Italian
Electronic Art & Design


Nemo Festival 2008
10th - 20th of April 2008
Élysées Biarritz - Paris

Project curated by Marco Mancuso with the collaboration of Claudia D'Alonzo (video screening)


otolab - op7
Mylicon/En - Put down the gun
Quayola - Path to abstraction

+39 VideoScreening (curated by Claudia D'Alonzo): friday 11th of April 21.00 hrs
Presentation +39 (curated by Marco Mancuso): friday 11th of April 22.00 hrs
Live Set Quayola ("Path to Abstraction"): friday 11th of April 22.45 hrs
Live Set Otolab ("op7"): friday 11th April 23.45 hrs
Live Set Mylicon/En ("Put down the gun"): saturday 12th of April 22.15 hrs

Presentation Text (curated by Marco Mancuso): http://www.digicult.it/public/+39CallForItaly_ENG.doc
Video Screening Text (curated by Claudia D'Alonzo): http://www.digicult.it/public/TestoVideoScreening_ENG.doc
Video Screening Infos: http://www.digicult.it/public/SchedeVideoScreening.pdf


After the European Premiere at Cimatics festival in Brussels last November 2007, Digicult will present the project +39:Call for Italy at the international festival Nemo in Paris, curated by the cultural association Arcadi from 10th to 20th of April 2008, one of the most important European meeting related to artistic and cultural transtitions between audiovisuals, music, cinema and design with digital tools. The project focuses on the develpoments in Electronic Art, Design and Culture in Italy in the last 10 years. With the project +39:Call for Italy, Digicult introduces some of the most experimental and suggestive Italian musicians, designers, graphic animators, video makers, sound artists, vjs and audiovisual artists, with projects of Live Cinema (Mylicon/En), Audiovisual Live Sets (Otolab and Quayola) and with a Video Screening curated by Claudia D'Alonzo of some of the most talented Italian video makers, video artists and graphic designer.
The project is finally enriched with a keynote lecture/presentation by Marco Mancuso about +39:Call for Italy concept and the developments of the presented Digital Art forms in Italy


DigiCult is a cultural project involved in digital culture and electronic arts. The DigiCult project is directed by Marco Mancuso and based on the active participation of 40 professional people about, who represent the first wide Italian network of journalists, curators, artists and critics working in the field of electronic culture and digital art. Translated in English, DigiCult is today a web portal updated daily with news and informations, but it's also the editor of the monthly magazine DigiMag,
discussing with a critic and journalistic approach, about net art, hacktivism, video art, electronica, audio video, interaction design, artificial intelligence, new media, software art, performing art. DigiCult produce the electronic music and audiovisual podcast DigiPod and the newsletter international service DigiNews. DigiCult in finally involved in side activities like media partnerships for festivals and exhibitions, curatorial projects and special productions, and is now working for Italian
artists international promotion through the new born art agency DigiMade.